The Model is made for The Artstation and Cgtrader market.
Lion realistic and Anatomically accurate 3d model in Maya(2019 and up) with Xgen core for fur.

-The mesh is Quad based with Arnold SubD added for render time

-Displacement node is added to mesh to get all the details.

-The Xgen can be easily converted to interactive Xgen if required.

-The fur is comprised of 13 Descriptions set to view 20% in viewport.

-The model is ready to render in Arnold for Maya with Three texture variations.

-The topology is very neat and clean for proper deformation.

-The UV layout is UDIM based, Arranged to support UE4 if needed.

-The model is in Neutral Pose(expression in product images are for presentation Only)

-Anatomically accurate Inner mouth, gums, teeth and tongue is included.

The model can be purchased from the links below:


May 26, 2021